St Johns Court Flats in Newcastle get a new face lift

st johns court newcastleThe Greater High Cross Area of Newcastle contains the location for several regeneration schemes ran by Newcastle City Council to rennovate the facias and externals of all of the houses and flats in that area. This can invlove new windows, doors, roofs, porchways, drainpipes etc etc. Brambledown have been involved in several major phases of these works including Arthurs Hill phases 1 & 2, Bishops Avenue and now Greater High Cross phase 5.

The works above show the new Trespa Meteon Panelling which has been installed by Brambledown to the front of St Johns Court Flats in the West End of Newcastle. This included the refitting of alarms and all signage and gave the once pebble dashed frontages a major face lift. New windows, doors and courtyard patios with copings and railings have also been installed by Brambledown who based their operations from the Tyne & Wear Depot, ran by Contracts manager Neil Blakelock who has overseen all of the previous phases for Brambledown.

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