Magnificent New Sculptures in Barnes Park Sunderland

Brambledown have been using the skills of a skilled sculpter to create astonishing effects from left over tree stumps, branches and other pieces of wood left around the park. The sculptures you can see below are a sneak peak into a few of the amazing things you will find in the new Barnes Park Sunderland once it has been refurbished.

The remarkable sculptures that have been born from debris lying around the park will create stunning features and focal points that will have visitors wowed with amazement as they take in the intricate detail and craftsmanship infront of them. Every single sculpture has been created from scratch, onsite and to blend in with the already superb new features and open spaces that Barnes Park now has to offer. Some of these sculptures are over 10 feet tall and weigh several tonnes.

These sculptures are part of Brambledowns multi-million pound refurbishment of the entire Barnes Park, encorporatiing new buildings, lakes, gardens, walkways footpaths and a bandstand as well as a childrens play area.

For now, here is a sneak peak at what you will find in 12 months time when the park re-opens to the public.

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