Brambledown Pick up National Considerate Constructors Award in Edinburgh


considerate constructorsDelegates from Brambledown and Newcastle City Council headed to Edinburgh on the 17th March 2009 to receive their Bronze Award for Construction excellence. This is a major award for Brambledown and shows how far the company has diversified and become one of the leading firms in the Landscape and Construction Industry. This was illustrated by the names of some of the biggest Construction companies present in the awards brochure next to Brambledown and on stage collecting their awards. Brambledown has grown enormously over its 40 years existence and now boasts a considerable amount of experience in the construction industry. As early as 1978 we completed our first Landscape Construction project and since then we have combined the existing knowledge base with new skilled labour, selected from the very best sources around the UK.

Neil Blakelock was joined by Frank Curry (Managing Director of Brambledown) Richard Curry, Ian White, Ian Johnson, David Gibson and Eddie McGuigan to make up the Brambledown representatives. Craig Wilkinson, Graham Nisbett, John Pybus and Paul Holmes, all from Newcastle City Council, made up the rest of the Group.

The Arthurs Hill Project was around £2 Million in value and included a complete facia revitalisation to house frontages in several streets in the West End of Newcastle over a 14 month period. New doors, windows, porchways, pathways, railings, walls, drains and other ellements were included in the project.  The scheme was led by Neil Blakelock from Brambledown (who has been with the company for almost 20 years) and his team who worked tirelessly to produce an exceptional scheme. Brambledown would also like to thank Newcastle City Council for the effort they put into the scheme and the continued support we recieved throughout the project.

This National Considerate Constructors Award is testiment to the companies ability to diversify and to attract and retain some of the most skilled labour in the country from within the landscape and construction industry. This combined with an appreciation of the environment, Brambledowns strict codes of practice and working procedures, and an ability to adabt to changing market conditions enables us to build strong relationships with clients and the community to produce these types of award winning construction projects.